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The Identity-Lens Project is a Nonprofit Platform for Human Rights Campaigns.

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We are focused on Awareness, Education, Communication & Action for Human Rights, and are committed to your Your 3Cs.

Find out more about Your 3Cs, below.

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Understanding Your 3Cs

Everything we do is about Your 3Cs – Your Civil, Climate, and Cyber Rights.

Your Civil Rights guarantee you personal freedom and equality. The progress made so far has been hard won over many generations, while still under constant threat today by exploitative forces.

“Civil Rights is unfinished business. Make it your business.”

Marcia Fudge
U.S. House of Representative
Ohio’s 11th Congressional District

Your Climate Rights are your rights to a healthy planet to live, and thrive on.
“Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human rights of our
generation, posing a serious risk to the fundamental rights to life, health, food
and an adequate standard of living of individuals and communities across the
world. This report aims to support government and private decision makers
by assessing the relationship between climate change and human rights law.”
Achim Steiner
United Nations Environment Programme
Executive Director

Your Cyber Rights are your rights to online privacy, freedom of expression, and your freedom from big data discrimination.

“There are ethical choices in every single algorithm we build.”

Cathy O’Neil
Weapons of Math Destruction

We are here to shape the discussion on Human Rights.

This platform raises Awareness for important cultural and social issues and creates content to Educate our supporters. By providing a place to foster Communication between individuals with different perspectives, we hope to inspire Action that creates a positive impact in the world, both online and within local communities.

Awareness, Education, Communication & Action.

The Identity-Lens Project is a place for people of all backgrounds,  social movements, and charitable organizations that want to come together in discussion. Together we can learn about strengthening Human Rights and the critical Social Issues that are currently affecting people in countries all around the globe.

Now more than ever Awareness, Education, Communication & Action are the keys to solving the world’s problems.

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